Hey Gabriel,

Just got back to Berkeley and have been away from my mac the last few days. We can talk more about your topic if you’d like sometime after class. These are just a few things that came to mind when I thought of your topic:

I read earlier that you were also interested in Vietnam, have you heard of the Pentagon Papers, the leaked Department of Defense memos published by the New York Times about the US political-military involvement in Vietnam ? I bring this up because since you’re into Foreign Policy related stuff, this leaked memo damaged diplomatic relations with tons of nations in the region and lost credibility to claim to be fighting for freedom abroad. Super fascinating stuff. I found a basic book title on it in case you want to read up more on it, Wikipedia is spot on, too.


Since you’re really interested in American Foreign Policy in the Mid East there are a few things I can suggest to you. But the most recent one and in my opinion crucial to American Foreign Policy is the case of Bradley_Manning

Because our technology is at its peak, combined with social media (which aided the Arab Spring) and international  internet usage. Manning’s leaks damaged foreign policy in the Mid East. The Pakistanis were really angry with the reports (I know, not “tech” Middle Eastern).  But the most angry of them all was obviously Iraq and Afghanistan. Though I am not entirely sure just how specifically it damaged diplomatic relations with both these nations. It certainly did hurt our foreign policy on the International stage. Along with the classified documents Manning released, he also issued videos to WikiLeak’s Julian Assange (who is currently in policy asylum to avoid US courts in Ecuador). The videos again permeated the idea of the US as a bully and world dictator.. this was met with hate to say the least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25EWUUBjPMo

I know that you are still exploring the topic so these are just some things I find cool and totally related to your work. I am not sure if you know about these cases specifically, but they are pretty contemporary, both the Pentagon Papers and the Manning case play an important role at how we look at International politics and foreign policy. These leaked documents and videos were meant only for a few to be seen, for a reason. We got a lot of bad rep and heavy fire when they were out. So much so that the Supreme Court of the US took on the White House vs the New York Times case over the leaked P.P. There are many ways to get creative and include these particular moments into a cool middle eastern Foreign Policy history paper!

Please do let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you for reading and excuse the delay in responding to your suggestions

You got this,