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This post was long over due and has been sitting in my draft folder for sometime now. But, in the memory and legacy of one of greatest Latin American writers to hail from Colombia (the home of Cumbia, among other things), his influence will forever continue.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez passed away peacefully at his Mexico City home today. (1927- 2014)


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I’ve always been “big” on the idea that writing, just like playing guitar, is a skill you develop over time and usually reflects on how much you actually do it on a day per day basis.

If you know me long enough, you’ll remember that I used to write “bulletins” on my Myspace account years ago. Boy was I a bad writer. Scattered thoughts. Redundant paragraphs. Run-on sentences. In fact it was so bad that I closed my account a few years ago and never salvaged any work I did before I went on to college. I was embarrassed. But the ideas were there. Today, I am a proud alumni of one of the best Universities in the world, UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!). It was here (and community college) that I learned to “calm the storm of thoughts” in my head. Let it serve as a reminder to all of my aspiring writers that just because you’re throwing SAT vocabulary in your work does not make it a fine work of art. I had to learn this the hard way when a professor asked me if I was trying to be a “philosopher” or a sociologist of sorts after reviewing a summary I did. She then advised me to make my work simpler and less wordy. This of course is something I still continue to struggle with to this day, but in retrospect, my work today reflects how much writing I’ve done over the years and how I’ve grown as writer and academic. Shorter and concise sentences are comprehensive, or at least they should be. I hope to entertain you with the entries I will be sharing in the coming weeks.

So allow me to regale you with short random thoughts and entries I’ll share on a variety of contemporary issues ranging from international and domestic politics to rants. I’ve always wanted to review albums and share personal fav tastes from great Restaurants in LA to cool venues. I cannot contain myself to blogging about one particular subject matter because I don’t know what that is just yet. Bare with me and always read and write.