The Caucuses aka La Junta– are a series of meetings that take place around the country. Political aficionados and hardcore party members convene with the sole purpose of selecting the nominee for their Party. Both Republicans and Democrats do this. The delegates “speak” for the party as a whole, though I would argue it does not apply to the Democratic party this election year. There is a significant rift along Bernie and Hilary supporters. I will focus on that some other time.

Quick-recap: Jeb Bush

“My Wife is of Mexican Descent” – Jeb Bush Hispandering on the trail

(The third Bush) was supposed to be the moderate Republican front runner this year, but then Donald Trump happened. Along with el copete come a long line of well known Republicans seeking nomination, some are gifted and talented in the art of politics like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (who is no longer in the race) while some were to politics, like Ben Carson (no longer in the race) and Trump himself.


An old saying in politics goes a little something like this (I think): The person that wins the Iowa caucus, usually wins the nomination. Ted Cruz won that Caucus, but I believe he won’t be winning the nomination this election cycle. The remaining Republican contenders campaigned hard and long as I write this from Los Angeles. It has been a circus show and quite the spectacle seeing the Republican nominees battle it out on the debate stage, but when the dust settles, only two have remained.

and then there were none… The Final Two Republican Candidates

So far.. so good.. so what? Fight On Drumpf!
My Approved Portraits
Ted Cruz “In desperate need of a miracle” *nervous smile*








What can be said about Trump? According to a very accurate source, the nomination is likely to go to him. What is interesting is that registered voters, the real republicans, are saying they would rather vote for Drumpf, which says a lot about the sentiment in the party against people of color and the disenfranchised. A brother of mine summed it up nicely: this shouldn’t come as as surprise to anyone, Drumpf represents a deep seeded element of racism and hate in the US. One that has been dormant for years since the Civil Rights movement. It has been engrained in the social fabric of this country since the Plymouth found us. Drumpf has revived it and has done brought it to surface in the most straightforward, yet careful fashion. After all, the man is running to be the Leader of the Free World.  He really wants to America Hate Again!

The person that has a chance at beating Drumpf thinks that the children born in this country to undocumented parents shouldn’t be considered citizens.  Ironically, this man wasn’t even born in the USA. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He forfeited his Canadian citizenship in 2014. Talk about birthers… man. He’s a smooth talker, I mean c’mon, look at smile. Cruz embodies everything you probably hate about a politician. It’s kinda funny how a lot of people in his party don’t like him. He is best known as being part of the Tea Party fever that took over mainstream politics in 2010. This time, they might get their chance at “bringing down the house” and putting Americans first before… politics? Something like that.

Despite of all this, Ted Cruz is dangerous. Drumpf is dangerous. The battle is going to be brought to CA in June. Trump cares about how the people sees him and I think honestly believes that he is the best person fit for person. At this point, I think Cruz is running with the sole purpose of beating Donald Trump. I think he has an understanding of how much  of the country dislikes him already.


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.19.54 PM.png
April 27th, 2016. The day Ted Cruz lost the Election.

Friends, there isn’t much to say anymore. Fiorina is arguably the worst pick Cruz has made this election year. To me, it is that last rusty nail sealing Cruz’s bid for the nomination. From a strategist standpoint… why would you choose a candidate that is disliked in the very state you are trying to win (CALIFORNIA)?

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