Dedicated to Memorial Day and The Fallen 

“You can’t be neutral on a moving train..” – Howard Zinn

The risk is too damn high at this point. #imwithher to me sums up how boring the Clinton candidacy has been so far. I believe Clinton supporters will agree, there was a story on NPR how Clinton supporters are hiding in plain view. I am one of them.  This isn’t the first time she runs for President and is no one new in mainstream U.S. politics. Her slogan is nowhere near as cool and enticing as #feelthebern. Clinton aside from being embarrassingly investigated by the F.B.I. has not been able to connect to the people that matter the most, the voters.

To many Latinos, her “just like your abuelita” PR disaster campaign set her back with our vote as a whole, though I would argue that she remains a “house-hold politician” to Latino Democratic voters. Her campaign, frankly, is riddled with mistakes, political faults, and public scandal. I think fellow historians will agree that we will be writing about the 2016 election for years to come. Simply because the decision made by this Great Land in November will shape the direction the country heads towards in the coming years. I want to take this opportunity to tell my readers my personal reasoning to openly endorse Clinton. I am asking for your support on June 7th (Get out and Vote). I confidently believe that the former-first lady, senator, and secretary of state will win the Democratic Nomination for POTUS. Interestingly, this is something that the Bernie camp cannot comprehend. But before I get into this I want it to go on record that some of the most intelligent people, who are dear friends of mine and whose relationship I respect – support Mr. Bernie Sanders. But because elections are soon, I’d like to win over voters who are in the middle between Sanders-Clinton. In this critical time, I feel obligated to speak out as my own personal strategy to defeat Trump, the Republican Nominee. Trump has been successful in hijacking the Oldest (political) Party in the States. The GOP seems to have conceded defeat to the hostile takeover of the Party. This could be the demise of the Republican Party but they must be defeated en masse and on all levels of government.

The Age of the New Progressive:  We, the young people have taken over politics. Our concerns are at the forefront. We are vocal and we will call out your fakeness. Thanks to Mr. Sanders, there is a contingent caliber of young folks who advocate progressive values and can explain the “revolution” in our times effectively and passionately. The “democratic-socialist” term has been around way before today’s privileged class in places like Silver Lake and West L.A. started using it in their lexicon. I respect and praise Mr. Sanders for adopting the Occupy Wallstreet ethos in his campaign. He has covered much ground, personalizing  his message of a political revolution to mainstream America. The progressive agenda is at the forefront now. I thank you for that, Mr. Sanders. I believe Hilary will have to  embrace some Sander’s positions if she is nominated to run for President. Despite of what you see on the media and hear from political pundits, Hilary remains a likable candidate among the consistent democratic voter.

Mr. Sanders will have to do serious soul searching if he loses California next week.

The biggest regret of the Clinton and Trump Campaign. Where’s the time-machine?

I am one who will vote for whoever the Democratic Candidate is. Bernie can count on my vote and full fledged support if he is nominated. Because like me, Bernie supporters are very passionate about the direction of our country. I appreciate the Sanders campaign for exposing the existing flaws in the democratic process. I hope that despite of the outcome next week in California – we are able to unite the party. This will be very difficult however, the divides run deep, it would be intellectually dishonest to suggest otherwise.

Like one of my literary heroes, Junot Diaz recently mentioned, for me, more than anything is making sure a Republican candidate (who will not be named) is not elected this November. When it comes down to it all, I am voting for Hilary because I feel like I know her. I am used to her pragmatism. I have seen her at her lowest moments and have seen her come back up stronger than before. I have been very reluctant to share this with my people, but I think Clinton is a cool lady – fit for the job.

Clinton earned my respect back in 2008 when she asked all her supporters to line-up behind Barack Obama after she lost the nomination. I hope Bernie Sanders is able to do the same if he finds him self at our convention without the support needed to run for POTUS.